PRZ showcases all-natural grooming products made from the best-proven botanicals on earth. The product line specifically addresses the core grooming issues men have been lamenting for decades such as: sensitive skin, uncomfortable shaves and dry hair.
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As early as I can remember, I have always wanted to do three things: create products, teach, and build a cool company. I have spent the past two and a half decades preparing and training to get this point. From learning the art of barbering at the age of 14, to giving thousands of makeovers, training with the best possible teachers, and working on every aspect of the industry, including pioneering the men’s premium grooming market. My favorite part has been teaching and just constantly researching the subject of grooming and better living for men.


Men have always been left out of the equation. We were known as the hunters, the providers, the “man of the house.” We have been referred to as leaders of the pack. If you think about it, our environments and the things around us are not necessarily setting us up for success. When it comes to your grooming and living skills, you know what you know because of what your father or a father figure taught you. And they know what they know because someone else above them taught them the same way. Chances are your role models were not experts in grooming; they were likely just teaching you the basics that they were taught. There is room for improvement.
Today, there are a few different types of men. First, there’s the man who is always perceived as the idiot. He is either talked down to, or he is fat and lazy. Then you have a Don Draper come along and no one knows what the hell to do with themselves, not the women, not the press, and not the men who secretly try to replicate an interesting part in their hair. Look at the magazines. There is always a guy with a six-pack but those pictures are pretty much always photo shopped. I have no issue with a six-pack, but I can tell you this: if the average guy wants to enjoy life, eat, drink, and live life to its fullest, how realistic do you think that six-pack is? For my twenty-something followers, I say enjoy it while you have it because as you get older gravity pulls, man. Gravity fucking pulls, just saying.
Then, there is the fashion mag with the guy wearing a five thousand dollar suit, ten thousand dollar watch, photographed next to a hot, skinny model who probably never eats and just smokes cigarettes. Oh yeah, and the editors have made sure that everyone including themselves have matching socks. This is not realistic. They are saying we look good and you don’t, but if you buy everything our advertisers want you to then you might be happy for a while. It doesn’t make one feel confident and empowered to the core.
It is time for a men’s platform that is accessible and makes you feel like you can go out and conquer the world.
Why am I saying all this to you? Well, I sure as hell am not perfect. I have issues just like ever other guy. I may know how to teach grooming, I can pretty much cook anything, I work out twice a day, I have dated every kind of girl you can imagine, I have traveled the world, seen forty-seven states, been on TV, been in the news, been successful in business, fallen on my face, been screwed over, made great decisions in my life, bad decisions, been called out, have called out others. Hey, that’s life. We can look at each step or situation and dwell on it, or use it to our advantage to move forward. We can think about what happened yesterday, which is basic history, and we can worry about tomorrow, which is essentially the unknown. So let’s just live in this moment, using the forces and strengths within us in order to make the universe work for us.
How you walk, talk, and are viewed is completely up to you. You can shift your perspective and visualize your own power. All men possess this greatness. I know it sounds silly, but it’s that simple.
Basic Steps To Better Living For Men:
1. Walk
Like the way you want to be perceived. Walk like a king; the master of your universe. Get in the habit of looking at your walk in the mirror or through reflection on glass. Most of you out there don’t even have bellies, it’s the way you stand and the way you hold your posture.
2. Stand up
You will have plenty of time to be horizontal when you are six feet under. Get in the habit of pushing your belly button back to your back, while extending the crown of your head. Check yourself when you standing.
3. Breathe
Take 15 minutes every morning for yourself. To sit with your breath, close your eyes and calm your mind. Begin visualizing how you want to be, what you want to see, and where you want to go. Then, open your eyes and as you breathe think about all the gifts you have been given. Give thanks to all of the good in your life. This exercise will instantly make you look and feel more handsome.
4. Converse
Listen as much as you can and let other people talk about themselves. Look the person in the eyes and take time to establish a connection. Let the person know you are interested in what they have to say. Speak mindfully, kindly, and have a gentle tone to your voice.
5. Trust in your patience
One does not plant a tree and ask why the hell hasn’t the tree grown yet? You plant it and you walk away trusting and knowing that over time it’s going to grow. When you order something from Amazon, do you ask yourself five minutes later where it is? Trust in your patience, let go, and when the time is right it will come to you.
Einstein could have used some help with the way he groomed, you know, his hair and mustache. I don’t think he cared, but his theory of relativity was right on the money. He realized that space and time are relative. Think about this; he pointed out that an object in motion actually experiences time at a slower rate than one at rest. As another great man, Bruce Lee, once said, “Don’t think—feel. When you think you are concentrating on actually missing the glory that is potentially coming to you.”

I have not spent hours in front of motivational tapes. I have been trained and have dedicated my life to helping, teaching, and coaching my fellow man. My experience comes from working with real men. Men of the world, of different upbringings, skin types, and sexual orientation. Men are all created equal and we all have similar needs when it comes to being a well-groomed man in today’s world. It’s time for us men to shine, for us to know our self worth and value, it’s time for a revolution. Let the Manhood reign.